Monday, October 31, 2005

October 31, 2005

When all else fails, eat a pen!

Breakfast 7:00am
Bowl of Cereal w/ 1/2 cup soymilk (3 points)

Snack 10:00 am
Boca Burger on Sara Lee Delightful Bread ( 2 points)
Cup of Hot Chocolate (1 point)

Lunch 12:30pm
Boca Burger ( 2 points)
Diet Coke (o points)
October 30, 2005

I ate all day. I'd say I made healthy food choices - beans, veggies, and brown rice but I didn't measure quantity and by the end of the day, it likely added up. I decided that I need a new approach. Instead of just counting, I'm going to have to start planning. I need some easy 2 point snacks ( 2 points being the equivalent of 50 calories/high fat/low fiber, 100 calories/low fat/low fiber/ or 150 calories/low fat/high fiber). AAaagh. I made such shitty decisions as a 20 y/o!! If I don't slow down, stop complaining, and organize myself, I'll be saying the same thing at 28 with regards to the decisions I am making now.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

October 29, 2005

Bowl of Cereal
1/2 cup soymilk

1/4 pancake plain

Baked Potato
1/2 Pinto Beans

Vegan Dark Chocolate Square

1 pancake w/ T strawberry jam

2 cups Green Beans

1 apple w/ T melted peanut butter

I'm Tiffaney, a 24 y/o vegan mom. I'm artistic, free-spirited, free-thinking, politically charged, emotional, compassionate, introverted and wildly nerdy. All of this led me down the horrible path of emotional overeating/binging and food apathy (given the food was vegan, of course). I started Weight Watchers in 2005 and lost about 50lbs. I quit following the diet in an attempt to adopt a more fitness-centric lifestyle. While I've maintained my weight loss, I find myself falling back into my old eating habits and cringe at the thought of letting environmental stressors control my ultimate happiness. So, no more bullshit. If I bite it, I'm going to write it. Initially, I'm just going to write what I eat and attempt to stay at around 1500 calories a day. Next week I'll start with creating nutritional goals (water consumption, omega-3 fatty acides, eliminating transfats...on and on)